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The Nuts and Bolts: What You Need to Know About Art Force Academy

Who is Art Force?

Art Force is the premier provider of artwork services. We connect artists with organizations to help them achieve their objectives through artwork and visual solutions. Art Force is located in the center of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, allowing us to collaborate with other artistic organizations and individuals.

We at Art Force are heavily invested in our community. From providing an avenue for local artists to showcase their work, to investing in our Still Life and Wings programs, to contributing to local charities, Art Force is dedicated to improving our community.

Who Do We Serve?


Our art collection is comprised of artwork from many local artists to help build a mutually beneficial community for both artists and businesses. Art in a corporate setting has the ability to influence both employees and clients as well as portray a positive image for the organization and their unique brand.

Artwork helps create an environment that promotes productivity, innovation and creative thinking.


Artwork can have a much different effect in a healing space than in a productive workspace. Working alongside evidence-based design, art can lift up spirits and instill motivation and positivity in a space of healing.

When viewing this from the patient’s point of view, it is easy to see how art can keep you going and working hard on a healing journey.

Creating artwork can also help with the healing process! Check out our Still Life Collection or The Healing Power of Art to learn more.

For Art Consultants

With Art Force and Art Force Academy, the process for becoming a certified art consultant is easier than ever. Whether you are an aspiring art consultant, an art enthusiast, or an artist, Art Force Academy has something to offer for you.

For art consultants specifically, the certification program duration will vary, depending on how quickly you work through the course material. Because this is designed as an online learning community, the schedule is flexible as long as you stay within the pathway we have created.

Most lectures, white papers, presentations and other resources are available for download when you are ready, allowing you to access the materials and work through the course at your own pace. In the early phases of the program, materials will be trickled out on a monthly basis. But in time, all of those resources will be readily available for future use. The 11 courses covered include the 9 disciplines of art consulting, art consulting basics, the art consulting process, consultative selling skills, project and asset management, marketing, business planning, time management, the SmartArt Program, client accounting and production.

For more information on the benefits of becoming an art consultant, check out our blog post, Art Consultants: The Full Gamut. Also see our Art Consultant Syllabus and Art Consultant Career Guide for more information.

For Artists

Art Force Academy offers a program to artists that allows them to learn, refine and master their business planning skills to become an artist entrepreneur. Throughout the course of this program, you will learn a variety of valuable business practices such as business planning, running your art business, consultative selling skills and working with an Art Consultant.

For well-established artists, participating in Art Force Academy can increase exposure and, potentially, help get your artwork placed in one of many exclusive project locations. In addition to being an integral part of the Art Force Academy learning community, we may be interested in adding your work to the curriculum to help other artists learn from your success.

If you are not a well-established artist, we will work with you to assess your potential and uncover all of your abilities. We cannot guarantee your artwork will sell or be added to our collection, but you will have our resources and community at your fingertips. We at Art Force are more than happy to guide and connect aspiring artists with the resources to aid your development.

Artists can also become art consultants! Check out our very own Steve Brumbaugh who is both and artist and art consultant. For more information, please also see the Artist Entrepreneur Syllabus.

For Art Enthusiasts

Art Force Academy will also serve an important role as a community for art enthusiasts. This program will give you the ability to connect with other art lovers in addition to receiving weekly updates from the world of artwork services.

These updates include white papers, research studies, presentations, newsletters, videos, Artist of the Month updates and many other formats. There are no minimum requirements for joining our art enthusiast community, and joining the art enthusiast list will always be free!

If you are on the fence about enrolling as an art consultant or artist, we hope you will join as an art enthusiast to stay in the loop about Art Force Academy and the world of art that we work within.

An Art Community for Everyone

Whether you are an experienced artist, an aspiring art consultant, or just a lover of art in general, Art Force Academy has something to offer you. Art Force Academy will be the first of its kind, providing a collaborative space filled with a resource library, webinars, interviews and more. We hope you join us on this journey with the world of art!

If you are interested in learning more about Art Force Academy or enrolling in the program, visit us at
You can also learn more about Art Force, our team, our mission and see some of our projects at

March 17, 2016

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