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Upcycling for a Cause: Bridging’s Chairs with Flair

Chairs with Flair

Upcycling is a concept that brings together the best of imagination and sustainability. Creating virtuous spirals that ripple through the community, upcycling can make the old new and build on the past to meet future needs.

Add in the angle of giving, and it becomes truly meaningful cause marketing that’s good for everyone. As masters of upcycling for a cause, recently hosted Chairs with Flair in the Solar Arts Building in the Northeast Minneapolis Arts district. We were very happy to attend this event as part of our community fund, which is constantly seeking truly worthy causes to support in our local community.

The Concept

Before the event, provided local artists with shelves, tables, chairs and other furniture from their warehouse for adaptation. “The result,” writes, “has been pieces with incredible mosaic work, innovative design, beautiful paintings, and more.” Each piece was then auctioned at the event to help fund the over 13,000 homes Bridging helps furnish each year. Goodness in, goodness out!

We found great inspiration in this concept from the start, so when we saw the chairs and furniture actually on display, we had to share a peek of the event. Below you will see just some of the furniture plucked from the imaginations of local artists.

Chairs with Flair 1

Tasking artists from different backgrounds and skill sets with the same goal usually results in innovation. At Chairs with Flair, that was certainly the case.

Take this oboe lamp for instance. For a musician or lover of music, this would really brighten up any space. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to have a guest over who wouldn’t at least lift an eyebrow at this piece.

Oboe lamp

Many of the pieces also featured beautiful mosaics, lots of images from nature, and in many cases, living plants and succulents. Nature imagery has been linked to many positive benefits in the healthcare setting, so naturally, it can also be good for life at home. Here are just a few examples of what was on auction down that road.

Nature Images

Life is Art

Perhaps one of the finest attributes of art is that it is hard to define. This has challenged philosophers and historians who have mused for centuries over definitions of “beauty” and “art”. But for the rest of us who can live with looser definitions, this is one of the many things that makes art so appealing – it has no real boundaries beyond what we’re willing to accept or impose!

In the case of Chairs with Flair, boundaries were broken in all the best ways. What we saw was a community coming together to share their talents with those in need. Everyone is entitled to share in the beauty of our Northeast Arts Community and we thank for making that abundantly clear.

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