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Still Life

Art by People Who Know Healthcare Best

Still Life is a compelling collection of images and stories created by professional artists who are living with illness. This program is a unique partnership between Art Force in Minneapolis and The Creative Center at University Settlement, a non-profit organization in New York City.

"Painting transition in landscape is a metaphor for the possibility of swift and positive change. Through art, I define myself as human, not as one who suffers. Art is hope."

- Aleta Wynn Yarrow, Still Life Artist

Still Life is also a project within of our larger mission to uplift the creative economy with Art Force MSP. For more on Art Force MSP and the Wings Suite, check out the links below.

Still Life is a program within The Wings Suite: a curated artwork collection designed to empower health challenged artists from all walks of life.



Art Force MSP is our commitment to igniting the creative economy by utilizing local and health challenged artists. Each sale also results in a charitable contribution through the Art Force Community Fund.




Purchase with Purpose: How Art Force MSP Works!

Art Force MSP Process

Still Life Art

A unique, evidence-based collection with a positive impact for your organization and the broader community, the Still Life Collection brings you 24 images from nine artists available as framed paper or canvas prints. The collection also supports the creation of image-based collaterals such as posters, notecards, and personal-sized prints tailored to the needs of each client. Arts activities can also be supported to engage patients, families, and visitors with the artwork on an on-going basis.

Sarah E. McHugh

"We live in a world of far too much chaos, confusion and sometimes even outrage causing so much stress in our lives (which also brings on illness). With my art, I seek to counteract all that, to paint the ever constant inspiration of the beauty and life that exists in nature with the hope that it also resonates within the viewer as a healing contemplative relief as it has been to me.”

- Sarah E. McHugh, Still Life Artist

Aleta Wynn Yarrow

Beulah Land, Night - Yarrow

"Painting transition in landscape is a metaphor for the possibility of swift and positive change. Through art, I define myself as human, not as one who suffers. Art is hope."

- Aleta Wynn Yarrow, Still Life Artist

Donna Levinstone

"My landscape drawings provide patients with a sense of calm in the midst of fear and exhaustion. Similarly, as a cancer survivor, creating my art has provided much serenity and healing."

- Donna Levinstone, Still Life Artist

Lorna Ritz

"I paint as though I have only this day to touch paint and see color. My reaction to facing the unknown, and not recognizing myself in the mirror, and having pain, was to paint as though there was no tomorrow. It was always this attitude by which I live and paint."

- Lorna Ritz, Still Life Artist

Judith Hinton Andrew

Butterfly Flowers - Hinton Andrew
Gestures - Hinton Andrew

"As a 33 year cancer survivor (breast, lymph, lung & colon), painting has continuously engaged and challenged me to explore my inner world and wisdom. This is where I believe all healing starts!"

- Judith Hinton Andrew, Still Life Artist

Cecily Firestein

Slice of Reality - Firestein

"Art has always been a part of my life and is necessary to my wellbeing. Following my diagnosis and successful treatment for cancer I have immersed myself with greater intensity in my creative activities."

- Cecily Firestein, Still Life Artist

Donna Caulton

"With severe illness I lost the balance in much of my life; health, work, and overall abilities. Creating works of art re-centered me and restored my sense of self."

- Donna Caulton, Still Life Artist

Paula Goldfader

“When cancer entered my life I started walking about with a camera, searching. It was a form of meditation and the pictures I captured allowed me to enjoy those moments in time, again and again. At that point I realized I wanted to teach people to open their senses and experience the full range of what they see. Because - to see is a gift!"

- Paula Goldfader, Still Life Artist

Cliff Enright

“I live to paint. After my injury, art became my therapy in both a psychological and physical sense. I stretch and move my hands and body in needed movements while I enjoy the act of creation."

- Cliff Enright, Still Life Artist


For more information on Art Force's work with our community, please see the building blocks of Art Force MSP below.

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Sarah E. McHugh - Fall Trees

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