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“When cancer entered my life I started walking about with a camera, searching. It was a form of meditation and the pictures I captured allowed me to enjoy those moments in time, again and again. At that point I realized I wanted to teach people to open their senses and experience the full range of what they see. Because - to see is a gift!"

- Paula Goldfader, Still Life Artist

Paula Goldfader

Art by People Who Know Healthcare Best

At the age of 63, cancer entered Paula Goldfader’s life. Within a five week time period she lost a breast and an eye to cancer. A frightening time.
Paula was surrounded by caring family and friends who showered her with a lot of love and skilled doctors who helped her physical healing, However, Paula found she needed something to focus on, to provide her with a purpose.
As a young child Paula studied art and even took a couple of courses in college. As a young mother she hung a camera around her neck to record life’s events. Now with sight in only one eye she realized how fragile her world had become and she wanted to grasp that world and capture it. Paula’s camera became her constant companion and the creative world became her outlet. Paula says, to see is a gift!

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