Art Force Academy

Partners Program

The Art Force Academy Partners Program is an exclusive perk for Art Force Academy members. Not only are you provided access to our showcase of thousands of original art images and reproductions, but you are given the tools and resources you need to turn a real profit through our partner referral program.

What's the Deal?!

What is the Partnership?

Art Force Academy partners work on an Independent Contractor Status.

Referral Requirements

Must be a formal introduction in person or email from the partner to a designated Art Force staff

Partner must have presented an overview of Art Force and the offerings verified by the Art Force designated staff

Cannot be someone who is already actively engaged with Art Force

How do I Become a Partner?

To become a Art Force Academy Partner, you must complete enrollment in Art Force Academy Partner Program, followed by some brief training on our core products and services.

Compensation: Finder's Fee

The finder’s fee compensation is 5% of the gross sale.

Partner Program 1

For Individuals

Art Force Academy provides a partner program for individuals to sell and promote specific Art Force products and services for commission. While the relationship will need to be established at an organizational level, we’ve created an incentive program for specific sales representatives.

Partner Program - Organizations

For Organizations

Art Force Academy also offers a partnership program for organizations across numerous industries that compliment particular Art Force products and services. In general, we work best with other business-to-business companies who sell products or services complimentary with artwork.

How To Apply

Apply Online

Sign up and select “Partners Program” from the menu.

Accept the Terms

Carefully read the FAQs above and accept our Partner Program Terms-and-Conditions.

Learn the Materials

Complete the Course Materials. Why? In order to represent Art Force, you must understand what we do! Don’t worry, it will only take a total of 5-10 hours to complete before you are on your way to finder’s fee compensation of 5% of the gross sale.

Purchase with Purpose

The truest aim of Art Force Academy is to create a stronger creative economy. The Art Force Community Fund and Art Force MSP provide opportunities for strengthening the creative economy through charitable donations and empowering artist entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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