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Painting Tools: Your Guide to a Painter’s Toolkit

Every painter has his or her own unique set of painting tools. But certain tools come up time and again. We wanted to spend a little time digging through our own art drawers to find the common painting tools that unite many painters. From the more familiar fan brush, round brush and sumi brush, to the lesser known bamboo dip pen, fork, or even feather, we wanted to touch on this concept with both fine and broad strokes.

What tools do you use? Any secrets you want to share? In the Painter’s Toolkit below, you will find a selection of 24 painting tools, one for each hour of your all-nighter paint-a-thon! We hope you enjoy it!

As you work your way through the list, we challenge you to imagine what tools you simply could not do without. Could you paint a masterpiece with just your hand alone? If your hand wasn’t enough and you could only add one tool at a time, in what order would you select your painter’s tools?

The Painter's Toolkit

Download our Painter’s Toolkit PDF

We just might have a few more of these up our sleeves for other disciplines like sculpting, carving, glassblowing, metallurgy and more. We will spread those releases out with other useful content from the world of art. Please share this post with anyone else you think might benefit from Art Force Academy as it continues to take shape in it’s beta year.

Stay tuned and please feel free to comment below with any other tools you would’ve added to the mix!

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