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Minneapolis Mural Map: Northeast Arts District

Minneapolis – the Mini-Apple, City of Lakes, L’Étoile du Nord, hub of business and culture. We pass through the fast paced epicenter of Minnesota every day, but perhaps there is a gem hidden in an alleyway just behind your friend’s apartment that you weren’t even aware of. We at Art Force are trying to develop the most comprehensive Mural Map of Minneapolis (and eventually St. Paul). The number and diverse array of public art in our city may just surprise you, even ones directly in your sightlines each day. Discover Minneapolis in our unique printable mural map.

We start on this fine Tuesday with the art center itself, the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. Here are the 14 Murals we’ve discovered from our own exploration. Art Force hopes, as a member of the Minneapolis arts community, that we can help to elevate legal street art of the region, and in time have a comprehensive resources for all murals in the city. If you have a piece of work you’d like added to the ever growing map reach out to us with a picture and address!


Twitter: @artforcemsp

612 Brew Mural by Adam Turman

945 Broadway St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 (Indoors)

612 brew

My assistant, Brian Geihl, and I started the mural in late November of 2012 with little heat, one electrical outlet, no lights, no water, and a port-a-potty. The space was really raw when we first started and by the time we finished in mid January, the 612 space completely transformed from a large room with dust everywhere to a full on working brewery and tap room.

The place is a lot of fun, the atmosphere is great, and the staff is super friendly and nice. Plus, the beer is dee-lish, so get to Nordeast Minneapolis and get yourself some pints and a growler to go, and while you’re there, check out the mural.– Adam Turman

The artist Adam Turman is an illustrator, muralist, printmaker, and graphic designer from Minneapolis, MN, whose bold style offers colorful takes on beloved landmarks and the great outdoors. Adam’s murals can be found throughout the Midwest, and his prints in private collections worldwide. He works with major brands, independent businesses, and private collectors alike to make art part of our everyday.

Untitled by Nick Dahlen

3800 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55421 (Alley)


Nick Dahlen is a painter, illustrator, and designer from Minneapolis, who graduated from the Arts Institute International in 2010 with a degree in graphic design. Dahlen has created commissioned work for several local businesses and musicians. Through his art, Dahlen hopes to inspire others to perceive the world in more playful, creative, and bizarre manner. He invites the viewer into a world that lacks boundaries and is made of the silly, yet complex, nature of being human.

Cultivate Northeast by Chank Diesel

Central and Lowry Intersection



This mural was designed to be the burst of festive floral colors needed as a backdrop to all the leafy green goodness at the “Cultivate Garden” on Lowry & Central. The garden is a volunteer-effort, permaculture garden showcasing the variety of vegetables and herbs and flowers you can grow in the city. It is sponsored by the the NE Mpls Chamber of Commerce and the Eastside Food Co-Op as well as a a handful of local restaurants including Chowgirls, Sen Yai Sen Lek, and Hazel’s. The restaurants/cater have cooking demos there to show people the things you can cook with city-grown ingredients.

The adjacent veggies wall show the things that are growing there, in the minimalist icon style art of Mike Davis, aka Mike2600 of Burlesque design. He designed this mural to compliment the “cultivate mural” at Chank’s request, in conglomeration with a handful of additional artists. “At my request, I wrangled up a team of people to help me paint it,” states Chank.  Although these murals started as bright neon, they face the sunset every evening, so the sun has faded that color a bit. But it looks better faded I think, and the whole thing is holding up pretty nicely.”

We agree Chank!

Welcome to North East Minneapolis by Forrest Wozniak

924 NE Lowry Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418


Northeast Tattoo is a local Tattoo, Tattoo Removal, and Body Piercing parlor located just off Central in Northeast. Their mural serves as a great way to usher in guests and give them a taste for their typography.  The Mural was done by Minneapolis artist Forrest Wozniak, who has spent his career learning trades including masonry, custom carpentry, furniture building, painting, and historical restoration.

Fireside Stories by J.Charboneau & Tim Skrivseth

2506 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 (Fair State Brewing)


An ode to Minnesota north woods, campfire stories, and German fairy tales. The two artists created numerous sketches from which they worked back and forth adding new fairy tale creatures in different settings until molding together the best design to fill the 100+ foot wall. This theme was initially influenced by Fair State’s German brewing style and the overwhelming tradition and memories of telling stories and drinking good local beer by campfires across the great state of Minnesota

“The mural begins with a colorful night sky that depicts the northern lights. The bright sky leads into a full moon shining over a giant wizard gnome sitting on mushrooms on the edge of a dark forest. The giant gnome smokes his pipe in reflection, and his smoke trail leads into the forest weaving through tall trees to finally join up with the smoke of a campfire. Three figures are depicted sitting around the fire while out of the smoke two more wizard-like creatures take shape lurking over them. Around the corner, three playful gnomes are scattered around the door to the brewery, referencing the narrating creatures and opening page illustrations of Fables and fairy tales.” – Charboneau

Untitled by Broken Crow

400 NE Lowry Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55418 (The Hive Salon)


Welcome to the NE Arts District by Chris Taylor & Brian Harrelson

2433 Grand St NE


This Project was commissioned to represent the depth of artistic diversity and creative spirit present in Northeast Minneapolis. It is the first mural you see as you enter NE from the Lowry bridge, aiming to make a colorful statement with the design. Chris’ mural exemplifies GT Artistry’s mission and illustrates his connection to the arts community in NE Minneapolis.

GT Artistry was created in 2009 by Gerry Timm, a long-time Minneapolis resident arts connoisseur and dance enthusiast. As a semi-retired U of M Medical Engineering Professor, Gerry’s life-long dream of dance materialized after attending  performance at the Walker and participating in a few dance labs. Gerry’s studio was acquired in NE Minneapolis to accommodate rehearsals for ensuing GT productions and to offer the community a unique rental space for artists to use as a rehearsal space, gallery or performance venue at an affordable rate. Their mission is to cultivate the Minneapolis arts community, nurturing inspiration and fostering the creative enclave by offering a vehicle to facilitate aspiring artists’ visions into reality.”

Gerry Timm, GT Artistry

Orange Crush by Greg Degrace

2210 Marshall St NE


Greg Degrace is an experienced artist both in mural creation as well as in fine-art exhibitions. He created his first mural in 1996 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania entitled Elephant Playground. His most recent exhibition was at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts in 2016 entitled A Sense of Place. Degrace’s fine art is focused on works in connection to maps. “Within my paintings, I intend to instill a sense of place within a visual and aesthetic narrative of the upper Midwest. In the process of creating this work I reference aerial and/or satellite photos for the natural abstractions they provide and for the interplay of linear and geometrical properties that are contained within.”

Procession by Corey Hanssen

1528 Marshall St NE, Mpls, MN 5541


The first large scale, all aerosol mural by Corey Hanssen. He was suggested by a friend of a friend to contact store owner Jessen Como; the owner of Ruff Love Dogs Northeast, who was looking for artists to come add art to the part of the building his business was in. Hanssen jumped toward the opportunity to fill the largest face of the building. After various encounters with the city in order to find a design that would meet approval as well as the right aesthetic for the building, Corey had actually discovered that the incorrect design had been submitted for approval. When the preferred one was submitted, it was promptly approved and Hanssen was able to travel with Jessen “to the local Home Depot to get the paint. We returned with so much spray paint it felt like Halloween night.”
This piece took roughly 5 to 6 weeks to complete, starting in early May and ending mid to late June and was a learning process for an emerging artist on the processes necessary for aerosol based spray paints. Although not currently a resident of Minneapolis, Hanssen has still visited Minneapolis many times in the past four years since working on the mural, stopping by the daycare to talk with Jessen and all the wonderful folks at Ruff Love Dogs. In speaking with the artist, we’ve also heard just how appreciative he is for the opportunity  to allow his imagination to run wild.

Ruff Love Wall by Nick Dahlen

1528 Marshall St NE, Mpls, MN 5541


Untitled by Broken Crow

1029 University Ave. NE (1029 Bar)



“Broken Crow is a stencil-based artistic collaboration between Mike Fitzsimmons and John Grider. The two artists began creating and showing art together in 2003. The two artist’s creative identities and painting styles have merged to make a cohesive vision and original aesthetic.

Through painting, Broken Crow seeks to reintroduce wild animals back into the urban habitats that we humans live in, writing their own mythology as they go. Broken Crow’s aggressive style of painting, combined with their hyper-detailed stencils, is both playful and sophisticated. Their art features various animals and anthropomorphic humanoids in crazy colors and, of course, extraordinarily large size.”

Untitled by Broken Crow

165 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413


Untitled; Artist Unknown

165 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413



Untitled; Unknown Artist

212 13th Avenue NE



Two 12 Pottery spoke with us about their organization painting over the existing murals which have aged and faded. In order to have murals, especially in the snow filled winters and heat of summers, companies or the mural artists themselves must upkeep these works of art. This company in particular is looking to update their outer walls. If you’d like to submit a proposal or speak to an employee about possibilities, you can each them at the following contact points.

Phone: (612) 331-1556


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July 19, 2016

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