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Minneapolis Mural Map: North


The murals of North Minneapolis are distinctive, reflecting the energy and spirit of the neighborhood. Some of the best murals of the city can be found in North Minneapolis. Community leaders in the neighborhood have encouraged and facilitated the creation of more public art in North Minneapolis, including more works by local artists and while also refurbishing storefronts. Murals and other forms of public art can strengthen community bonds, spark creativity, and brighten a cityscape, which seems to be the case for North Minneapolis. Many find that the neighborhood is slowly changing for the better – in part due to the arts community, such as Flow Arts Crawl, Northside Arts Collective, and Juxtaposition Arts.

We will be updating this blog and the map with details regarding the murals, but for now, enjoy these beautiful photographs of North Minneapolis’ murals!

Glenwood Ave. & Morgan

Glenwood Ave & Morgan

Glenwood & Morgan

N. Lowry & N. Oliver

N Emerson & N Lowry

St. Olaf Community Campus Garden

North Commons Community Center

2418 Plymouth Ave. N.

2418 Plymouth

W. Broadway & N. Logan W. Broadway & N. Irving

W. Broadway & N. Emerson

1200 W. Broadway

Penn & N. Logan Ally 2

Penn and N. Logan Ally 1


W. Broadway & N. Irving

W. Broadway & N. Girard

Juxtaposition 2

Juxtaposition West Broadway and Emerson

West Broadway & Emerson

4th St. Saloon

September 20, 2016

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