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Art Enthusiasts, Welcome!

Art enthusiasts are the fuel that helps Art Force Academy run. Your support will be important for helping us shape the direction of our programs and offerings. The best part about being an Art Force Academy enthusiast is all we need is your eyes and ears to help improve the entire program!

Joining the Art Force Academy Art Enthusiast community will always be free. You will receive weekly updates from Art Force Academy on what’s new in the world of art. For additional information, please read below!

By combining art and charity, Art Force has made a resolution to work toward uplifting the Twin Cities in a memorable way. To kick off the Community Fund, $1 will be contributed for every piece of artwork placed throughout the year. Stay tuned for community fund updates in 2016 and please read below for Community Fund highlights from past years.


Art Enthusiasts Learn

Since Art Force Academy is in its first year of operation, your feedback will help greatly shape the future of our content and offerings. We hope to create a community that will help shape the future of artwork services.

Artwork helps shape the world around us. Our community can help shape decisions, and provide resources that further discussion on the topics that really matter.

Art Enthusiasts Create

Art Force Academy is a learning community designed to fit any schedule. If somewhere in the future you decide that the Art Consultant Certification or the Artist Program is a good fit for you, you can join either program and begin your training.

We understand the value of carefully choosing the right path and hope that prospective members still on the fence will at least join our Art Enthusiast path to  stay in the loop at Art Force Academy.



Art Enthusiasts Inspire

If you have chosen the Art Enthusiast path, you’ve already inspired everyone at Art Force. A huge part of affecting positive change is having the support of community members like you, so we thank you for your support!

We look forward to your continued support and feedback. To request additional information or provide feedback, please use our contact form or email at any time.


What is an art enthusiast?

Do you love art? Congratulations, you are an art enthusiast!

In the strictest sense, art enthusiasts are anyone who supports art and arts programming. We hope you will be our evangelists, providing feedback or simply enjoying our learning materials on a weekly basis.

Why support Art Force Academy?

Art Force Academy is the first of its kind. We hope it will uplift and inspire people who love art and who are seeking deeper knowledge within the world of artwork services.

If you support Art Force Academy, you can help shape its future and offerings. We hope you will see this opportunity for what it is worth. Art has the power to transform the world, and it all starts with true believers like you supporting our cause and the pursuit of knowledge.

What's in it for me?

Art Force Academy provides educational opportunities that transcend the classroom. If you subscribe to Art Force Academy, you will get regular, free updates from the world of artwork services.

Our research and media will come to you on a weekly basis in the form of newsletters, white papers, research studies, presentations, videos and other formats.

Can anyone join the Art Enthusiast newsletter list?

There are no minimum requirements to join our Art Enthusiast list. We just hope you have a passion for artwork and learning!

How regular are Art Enthusiast newsletter updates?

We will send a weekly update to Art Force Academy Art Enthusiast subscribers beginning 4/1/16.

Where can I get more information?

If at any point you wish to contact Art Force Academy, please message us on the contact page, email, or call (763) 567-2200.

Purchase with Purpose

The truest aim of Art Force Academy is to create a stronger creative economy. The Art Force Community Fund and Art Force MSP provide opportunities for strengthening the creative economy through charitable donations and empowering artist entrepreneurs. Resources are listed below.

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