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Five Reasons Why Art is Good for Business

While our business is art, the “art of business” is truly our deeper niche. In our world, art is a means to many, many ends. It not only creates beautiful spaces, but it can actually help your bottom line in very measurable ways. Moreover, it can help you ignite the creative economy, creating viable careers for countless artist entrepreneurs – as we so often praise through Art Force MSP and the Community Art Showcase.

The point is, art beautifies spaces, sure, but it does so much more! To not enumerate the many laud-worthy aspects of art would be to sell it quite short, in fact. For starters, art improves motivation, creativity, employee and client engagement, retention, healing, happiness, and so much more. Simply Google “art and motivation,” “art and healing,” “art and productivity,” or more granular terms like “evidence-based design” or “positive distraction” and you will find an ocean of literature on the deeper benefits of art.

We don’t want you to take our word for it! So please review just some of the literature that’s out there with the 5 Reasons Why Art Is Good For Business.


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At the end of the day, it’s our business to improve your business. We create what some have called return on environment (ROE) or an intrinsic return on investment. On the less-measurable end, it’s those smaller moments like a lift of an eyebrow or a “wow!” as a client walks through your lobby that demonstrate the point. Or more tangibly, the brand alignment created between your corporate values, corporate culture and physical spaces that connects the philosophy and reality of a value-based approach of assessing the true value of an art investment.

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