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Economic Impact of Minnesota’s Artists

Although they have been often overlooked in their importance, the arts have demonstrated to have a profound impact on many aspects of society. To fully understand the effects and reality of the arts in Minnesota, the Creative Minnesota Project launched a new initiative in 2015 to analyze the arts and culture sector across the state. In the first year, the team completed one statewide, eleven regional, and seventeen city and county studies that collected data on the impact of cultural and nonprofit arts organizations. The studies reflected several naturally understood  ideas surrounding the arts: cultural and arts organizations contribute to the energy, well-being, and richness of a community, making the state attractive for businesses and jobs. Additionally, such organizations provide educational opportunities and intangible experiences that have personal effects on people across demographics.

The most notable aspects of the studies revealed the economic impact of the arts. For example, the 1,269 organizations studied contributed $1.2 billion to the state’s economy in 2015. This spending comes from the direct spending of the arts organizations, as well as from the additional consumer spending associated with arts programming. Creative Minnesota considers a wide range of creative industries and workers in their studies, including (but not limited to) visual artists, performing artists, musicians, writers, curators, dancers, designers, architects, and craft artists.

As the most in depth study of its kind, Creative Minnesota aims to provide a better understanding into the value of the arts. The project will continue long-term, collecting data every two years. By continuing to gather credible data regarding the benefits of the arts, Creative Minnesota hopes that legislators, arts advocates, local organizations, and government officials can use such information further advance the presence of the arts within the state

Below are several infographics outlining the significant impact of the arts on the economy of Minnesota.

Creative MN 1Image Source: Creative MN.

Creative MN 2Image Source: Creative MN.

Creative MN 3Image Source: Creative MN.

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