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"With severe illness I lost the balance in much of my life; health, work, and overall abilities. Creating works of art re-centered me and restored my sense of self."

- Donna Caulton, Still Life Artist

Donna J. Caulton

Art by People Who Know Healthcare Best

In her artwork painter Donna Caulton relies heavily on her love of the natural world to find her images. Observing the interdependence of life forms in her natural environment brings her a life balance; a way to maintain wholeness and centering within herself and to honor the spirit of symbiosis within the natural world around her.
Fifteen years ago, when illness totally engulfed her life, it was, ironically, the center of balance, the inner ear that was permanently damaged. Before she was able to regain a sense of self and fully return to her artwork, cancer also took over for a time. During the two year struggle to find her grounding again, it was her painting that returned her life and spirit to a balanced wholeness. Although her interests in centering and balance did not change after her illnesses, the closeness of her observations did. Now,physical balance is easiest when she is working on something close-up. Painting is easy, whereas work that requires a broader range of movements is difficult. This somehow translates into her painting a more “close-up” view of the life forms that appear in her work.
Donna’s artwork has been well received since she began showing publicly in the 1980’s in Seattle. Her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and juried exhibitions. She has been the recipient of 9 painting awards and a Painting Fellowship at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos NM. Since her move to New Mexico her work has become well known in the Taos area. She also works with a collaborative group of artists, the Creation/Migration group, who produce exhibitions in Northern New Mexico. Her work is included in private and public collections. Currently, in addition to painting, she serves on the Board of Directors of High Road Artisans, NM, and on the outreach committee of the Taos Arts Council.

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