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Devin's Story

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Devin's Story

Devin Wildes found his voice through art - quite literally. As a young autistic artist, this is his story of triumph. Through the power of art and family, Devin surpassed all expectations to not only speak; but move the world around him through his art.

' When he started doing art, the one thing that we noticed was that he was really in his own skin. And you can see... that pride that is resonating throughout his body. '

- AJ Paron-Wildes, Devin's Mother

We are proud to add Devin's fantastic art to our Wings Suite as the newest member of our Community Art Showcase. Your art purchases positively impact both Devin and the wider community.

Wings & Art Force MSP

The Wings Suite is a curated artwork collection designed to empower health challenged artists from all walks of life. Art Force is proud to add Devin Paron-Wildes to our inspiring collection.





Art Force MSP is our commitment to igniting the creative economy by utilizing local and health challenged artists. Each sale also results in a charitable contribution through the Art Force Community Fund.





Purchase with Purpose: How Art Force MSP Works!

Art Force MSP Process

Devin's Art


For more information on Art Force's work with our community, please see the building blocks of Art Force MSP below.

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Each order you place will support Devin's career and Art Force MSP. As a portion of each sale, a contribution will be made to a charity of AJ and Devin's choosing.


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