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Flores Frescas II

Charred Surfaces VIII

Metropolitan Jewel Box – Topaz

The Needle Grand Canyon (diptych)

Silver Whispers II

Too Much Walking

Botanic Series #1

Abstract (091321-132)

Good Fortune II

Reflecting Pool 2

Oblique Illumination

H1104A-58 (091612-331)

View That Startled Grieg

Early Autumn Snow

Never for Money, Always for Love

First Falls, Colorado, seen from Hanging Lake Trail

Cosmic Ring Swing

White Square on Stripe

November 29th

August Canvas (192012-3)

Peaceful Field (091212-46)

Through Time and Space

Wild Red Maple and Fog, New Hampshire

Autumn’s Morning Light

Concentric Plan II

Cloudscape Echoes I

Summer Notes in Pink

Beside Still Waters

Maze on Brown Paper

Kinetic Alignments II

Golden Horizon II

Twilight in Central Park

Valley of the Yuccas

Sheer Taupe and Blue

Backlit Leaves III

The Effective Features

Traveling to the Edge

Vertical Landscape

Vineyard Batik II

Wishes & Wildflowers

Yellow Pebble Drops

The Lesser Light

You’re the Only Thing I Need

Light on Water II

Yellow Canaries in a Bird Cage

Mountain Vista

Again and Again

Breakers on the Point, Grand Marais, MN

Perfect Day at Birch Beach

Where Angels Fear to Tread

Sacred Flows All Cultures

The Four Seasons: Winter

White Smoke Abstract Square

I Should’ve Written It Down

Cooper Lake, Autumn

Transformation B

Material Movement I

Nice Sailing Day

Logic & Balance II (silver)

Passion Charm Pizaz

Photosynthesis II

Red Malted Flowers

Man with Stone Wall

Banded Abstract IV

Bee Ahead of Time

Peaceful Gardens

Undercurrents 1

Three Poppies – White

Yellowstone Lower Falls Rainbow

Mississippi River #4

Sonnet on 30 VII 15

Expanding Universe 12

Architectural Illusion 44-592

Saint Anthony Falls, Minneapolis

Lavender Fields

Within the Grove II

H0908G-99 (51310-25)

Another Day, Another Fairytale

Bass Lake in Autumn II

September in Tuscany II

Blue Ribbon Blooms II

Fusion 3 D121063 (051310-37)

Acacia & Eucalyptus II

Sapphire Persuasion

Hope and Glory

Urban Country II

Within the Waterfall

test adding another artwork

White Barn at Codman Farm

Playa Secreto III

Spring Whispers

Contemplation IV

White Letter Painting

Stone Arch Bridge Mosaic

Ocean Cascade II

Twisted Dimension

Metropolitan View

Across the Fields II

Playful Meadow II

Neutral Circlet II

On the Sidelines II

Growth (Paint Chip Series)

Poet’s Passage

While I was Sleeping

Energy (9AC12-140)

Tobacco & Chocolate III

Autumn Potential II

Textura Renaissance

Waterdance – Ziya

Fraternal Twins 1

Vainglory is the Symptom, Mediocrity the Disease

Tulip Sketches from Roscullen

Where to Next II

Grand Ave at a Glance

Door to My Recovery

It’s Just Cellulite

People (091312-136)

You Blossomed II

Autumn Sunset, triptych

Winter’s Peace

Minnesota Sunset 2

Only a Summer’s Day

Espresso Nights I

Sunrise at Crooked Lake

Weary Bay, Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia

Namaste Connections Imrov

Dine in Your Car

Street Reflection

There Will Be Pushback

Suspended Gems II

Spherical Movement II

Morning Mist & Maple II

Springs Perfection II

Stormy Sky Over Pine Trees

Autumn Trees II

The Senator III

Wonder of the Tropics

Linear Field V

Indigo Equation

Curved Glass Sculpture

New York and Manhattan Island

Silver Encaustic

Lightship Hummingbird

Meadow Poppies IV

War Medicine Horse

A Place to Dream

Yellow Catalina

Baseball Player

Evening on a Marsh

Squares on Black

Tears Turn to Rainbows

Patina Scratch II

Imaginal Cell 3

Yellow and Green Trees

Sunrise on the Woods

Autumn Love II

Birds on Horizon in Green

Silver Birch Trees

Bake Bean Hamburger

Convergence I, II, III

Silver Diamonds B

Mexico – 3 Male Dancers with Headresses

Teal and Aqua Reflections

Fleurs du Matin II

Stark Lines II

Moments of Clarity II

Floating and Flying

Alone We Are Good, Together Better (1-5)

Ochre, Blue Overlay II

Fall Color, Lutsen, Minnesota

Red Mountain Pass II

Blue Rhapsody II

Populous Pavement

Project 6 No. 2

Parting of the Sea II

You Dreamed This, Remember?

Serenity Marsh II

Simple Elegance II
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