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Bridging to the Future: Strength in Bridge Art

Bridging to the Future: Strength in Bridge Art

Bridges are a point of inspiration for people from all walks of life. Not only are they architectural wonders, but they are strong metaphors. Often times the metaphor is left for interpretation, which is fertile soil for artistic inspiration.

Companies sometimes use bridges in their branding to show strength, ingenuity, and a willingness to “reach across the aisle”. Others interpret bridges as gateways to new possibilities. In the war time, bridges are always critical for moving troops and equipment and thus, often become the focus of intense battles. When you make up with those same enemies in peace time, it’s water under the bridge, and bridges are often some of the first structures to be rebuilt.


Wayne Moran
Wayne Moran | Iconic Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge in Winter | Reproduction | See it here

There’s no doubt that bridges connect our world. They make the world a bigger place by removing obstacles that without bridges would be virtually impassable for the average person. It’s no wonder why Minneapolis, a city of rivers and lakes, has so many bridges. For all of the reasons mentioned above and certainly even more, bridges have become a focal point for many local artists.

Stone Arch Bridge Art

As pictured above and many times below, our Stone Arch bridge crossing Saint Anthony Falls has become a major point for inspiration in Minneapolis in particular. Most great American cities have a similar bridge – the iconic bridge – that defines the city. As you page through the bridge art below, we welcome you to sample just a taste of the bridge artwork from our showcase.

As we’ve mentioned in the past, our showcase offers art from hundreds of artists from around the country and of course, from our home base in Minneapolis.


Ruth Lais
Ruth Lais | Stone Arch Mosaic | Original | See it here


This mosaic by Ruth Lais is currently hanging in our Art Force Showroom in Northeast Minneapolis. It got a lot of attention when it was first hung, for its color, complexity and local elements. To add more inspiration, Ruth Lias is also a Wings artist and was named our artist of the month for July 2016 on Art Force. For more info on her work and comments from the artist herself, be sure to check it out!


Lonnie Broden
Lonnie Broden | Stone Arch Bridge | Limited Edition | See it here

In this mixed media impressionism piece by Lonnie Broden, we catch another glimpse of our iconic Stone Arch Bridge from another view of the downtown area. As part of our rotating art program, this piece has garnered a lot of attention in the past by Art Force staff and the clients we serve.


Cindy Lindgren
Cindy Lindgren | Stone Arch | Reproduction | See it here

Like a well-built arch bridge, our SmartArt art database has one central keystone, which is variety. Whether you are looking for abstract art, photography, sculpture or in this case, reproduction images in the form of prints, our showcase can tap into the same ideas from many different angles. This piece by Cindy Lindgren of the Stone Arch Bridge is another homage to the impression this bridge has made on the landscape and collective experience of living in Minneapolis.


Lonnie Broden Guthrie
Lonnie Broden | Guthrie | Signed Limited Edition | See it here


You can get a sense for the Community Art Showcase collection when you pull all of these pieces into a single place. Yet another beautiful view is provided by Lonnie Broden of the Stone Arch Bridge with a focus on another iconic Minneapolis scene, the Guthrie.


Ed Bock
Ed Bock | Stone Arch Bridge | Limited Edition | See it here

Here Ed Bock gives us a glimpse from the top of the Stone Arch Bridge heading into Minneapolis in this Limited Edition impressionism giclee piece.


Lonnie Broden Grain Belt
Lonnie Broden | Grain Belt | Limited Edition | See it here

Our tour continues as we move away from the Stone Arch Bridge along to a view of the Hennepin Avenue bridge and the iconic Grain Belt Beer sign in downtown Minneapolis.


Ed Bock Dinkytown Bridge
Ed Bock | Dinkytown Bridge | Limited Edition | See it here

Many great artists start with what they know best, so we are always proud to carry plenty of art from local artists in our region. Here is another fantastic piece capturing the downtown scene from Dinkytown, again by Ed Bock.

Michele Combs
Michele Combs | Centennial Lakes | Original | See it here

From Edina, Minnesota, we are provided a glimpse of Centennial Lakes Park by Michele Combs. An original oil painting, this impressionism piece brings in the human element of our Americana experience of combining elements nature and human engineering with nods to pastoral architecture.

Abstract Bridge Art

Gregory Lang
Gregory Lang | Bridges and Towers | Reproduction | See it here

From here, our tour takes a drastic turn into the mystical and unknown. What’s great about this piece by Gregory Lang is the stories you create in your head about its purpose and origin. What is this strange place? Clearly they possess great knowledge for bridge and tower building, proudly hailing from the mistier regions of our imagination.

Aziz Kadmiri
Aziz Kadmiri | City Bridge | Reproduction | See it here


Abstract art is by far the largest category in the SmartArt artwork database. In City Bridge by Aziz Kadmiri, we get a sense of a bustling metropolis with the vast bridges you might expect to see in cities like New York City.

Bridge Photography

Jason Bohrer
Jason Bohrer | Foggy Roebling | Reproduction | See it here

Of course, you can’t have an artwork database without plenty of photography. Nor should you have a blog post about bridge art without a fantastic photograph of a bridge.


Rod Chase
Rod Chase | Twilight in Central Park | Reproduction | See it here

Even if you haven’t been to Central Park, you’ve likely seen this bridge depicted in artwork before. Here it’s good to pause on the different feelings you stir up with different seasons. Like summer, winter can leave the viewer with a distinct impression.

John Heino
John Heino | A Light Runs Through It | Reproduction | See it here

This piece by John Heino summons feelings… For each of you, those feelings may vary. Aptly named A Light Runs Through It, the contrast of a babbling, misty brook with a single beacon of light leaves the viewer with something to ponder.


Jerry Wiese
Jerry Wiese | Stillwater Lift Bridge | Reproduction | See it here


Here our tour comes full circle to the valley of Stillwater, Minnesota. Stillwater Lift Bridge by Jerry Weise captures a twilight moment. Feelings of the relationship between nature and industry are summoned in a quiet moment of reflection.

Bridging Time

When we think about bridges, we usually think about where we’re going. But bridges go both ways. They provide an outlet to the open road or with a simple U-turn; a way back home. They represent strength, careful planning, ingenuity, innovation, progress and practicality. It’s no wonder why so many artists find inspiration in bridges. From there, we can all share in that appreciation.

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