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Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 3: Module 3 – SmartArt

Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 3: Module 3 – SmartArt

The SmartArt program is unique to Art Force and it combines real world and virtual world resources and tools for artists, consultants and organizations throughout the United States. – Leslie Palmer-Ross

This week we take a closer look at the SmartArt Program, which offers a robust artwork showcase of thousands of art images, a subscription program, and opportunities for artist entrepreneurs to get their work in front of our clients across healthcare, corporations, hospitality and education. The SmartArt Program originated at Art Force, and is designed to give clients and artists options for buying and selling artwork in a digital space with real-world applications. This can be a powerful tool for artist entrepreneurs who want to benefit from a large client base as well as online exposure through organic traffic to the website.

Lesson Overview:

  • SmartArt updates the artist info page to keep artists up to speed any time we have a call for artists
    • It also provides a space for newsletters so you can stay in the know
  • Subscription Program
    • This program allows clients to select from a specific selection of artwork with the idea of making monthly payments to purchase the work over time
    • For clients, it helps spread out the investment for as little as a dollar a day
    • Clients may rotate artwork every six months as desired, however we’ve found clients often like to keep the artwork they select
    • A placard details the artist’s name near each piece and we generally look for two-dimensional works that are suitable for placement in a workplace
  • SmartArt Showcase
    • The showcase is a curated collection of both original and print images as well as some sculptural piece
    • Members of Art Force Academy, clients and artists have access to the showcase
  • Substrate Printing Options
    • Art Force has the capability to print artwork images on multiple substrates, including canvas, glass, metal, paper, wall paper, acrylic, etc.
  • Art Consultants & On-Site Production
    • You, as an artist, need not be concerned with placing, framing or installing your work
    • This will save you expense and time, which can be used to create more artwork

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