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Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 2: Module 2 – Legal Considerations

Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 2: Module 2 – Legal Considerations

…making sure that things are very clear in terms of how things are priced, how things are being sold, what payment terms are, etcetera.

-Leslie Palmer-Ross

Director of Art Services, Leslie Palmer-Ross is not a lawyer. But with nearly 30 years in the artwork services industry, she shares her advice on important legal considerations for artist entrepreneurs. It’s true that most artists will shutter at the very utterance of the word “legal”. Yet that does not diminish its place in our every day lives!

When it comes to intellectual property, artists need to know the law to protect their work and to make sure the deals they make with others are sound. While this module won’t go nearly as deep as a law book – thankfully! – it will touch on some key considerations worth learning if you run your own art business.

Lesson Overview

  • Partnerships with dealers, galleries, marketers
    • Should include legal documentation, such as consignment agreements, invoices or emails
  • Partnerships & Documentation
    • 50/50 splits, profit sharing, and clarity
  • Consignment
    • Insurance: Is the gallery or your insurance covering work on consignment?
  • Pricing
    • Consistency in pricing
    • Assessing seller requirements
  • Reproductions
    • Licensing agreements
    • Usage rights agreements
  • Web usage
    • Where are your images?
    • What are the intentions behind that image usage?
  • Planning ahead
    • It is always better to plan than react
  • Intellectual Property
    • All artwork must be original and your own

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