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Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 2: Module 1 – Professionalism

Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 2: Module 1 – Professionalism

Even if you have not identified yourself as an artist for very long, it is likely that there have been situations in which your pursuit has not been taken seriously. Some might questions art as a profession or a business. If you have been following along with our artist entrepreneur series thus far, you are approaching this endeavor as a business person.

-Leslie Palmer-Ross

As Director of Art Services, Leslie Palmer-Ross, implied in the quote above, there is a code of professionalism that is beneficial for the entire industry to follow. By treating clients, peers and all those we touch in the community respectfully, all artist entrepreneurs are uplifted by positive and productive experiences.

Lesson Overview

  • Review of the importance of a business plan, goal setting, pricing and product offerings
  • Definition of professionalism
    • “The competence or skill expected of a professional”
    • Emphasis on the importance of training, experience, and execution
  • No bar, no board
    • The importance of self-governance
    • The importance of quality
  • Finishes
    • The importance of finishing with high quality products
  • Professional Behavior
    • Other than quality, behavior can be equally important
    • Integrity, trustworthiness, reliability, accountability, and courtesy are all important
  • Communication
    • Written
    • Verbal
    • Shared clearly, cleanly, and in a timely fashion
  • The importance of not assuming
    • Even bad news should be communicated
  • Client interactions
    • Calm, not easily rattled
    • Confident but not cocky


Art Force Academy Artist Entrepreneurs

Course 2: Module 1 – Professionalism

The Module in Podcast Form

It was fun while it lasted, but we are changing formats going forward. Welcome to the new Art Force Academy podcast format!

As we’ve mentioned before, this is the first year of Art Force Academy and we are learning and adjusting many things as we go. Based on feedback, we’ve decided to switch to podcast and written formats to bring you the best information in the media formats you prefer. During the transition, we wanted our users to have access to both formats, so this week, we’ve included both. Going forward, however, this will be the format you can expect. Thank you for understanding and we hope you enjoy the new format!

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