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Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 3: Module 1 – Working with an Art Consultant

Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 3: Module 1 – Working with an Art Consultant

At Art Force, our definition of an Art Consultant is an expert who matches a person, business, or mission with a piece of artwork: a professional storyteller.

-Leslie Palmer-Ross

Director of Art Services, Leslie Palmer-Ross, walks us through the process of working with an art consultant to kick off the third module of the Artist Entrepreneur program. In particular, we focus on defining art consultancy and how art consultants work with artist entrepreneurs.

At Art Force, a good portion of our staff are art consultants. They work closely with artists from the community as well as our production department to create the displays you see in our portfolio. With three decades of experience, Leslie is the perfect person to tell you about the industry and special considerations for working with an art consultant.

Lesson Overview

  • No single mold
    • The world of art consultancy does not fit any single mold
    • Art consultants are creative problem solvers who must be flexible and adaptable
  • Versus the Traditional Gallery Approach
    • At Art Force, we have an art consulting team which provides solutions for our clients
    • An artist generally works with artists in a slightly different way than a traditional gallery
    • Art consultants generally have a wider breadth of options for clients than a gallery
  • Working Independently
    • Many art consultants work independently
    • Others, like Art Force, have in-house printing and production capabilities, increasing efficiency and cutting costs
  • Other work arrangements
    • Working residential versus working for corporate clients
  • Originals versus Reproductions
    • Artists and art consultants will have technical flexibility to sell originals or reproductions
    • Printing is possible on a wide variety of substrates
  • The Importance of Digital Visuals
    • It is important to an art consultant that an artist is able to provide quality digital visuals either for presentation or printing purposes
    • It is common for many pieces to be sold based solely upon digital files
  • Confidentiality agreements
    • The market can sometimes feel small and you as an artist may have relationships with clients, designers or architects
    • Make sure those relationships are known by all partners, and if necessary, confidentiality agreements are signed
  • Pricing and more

The Module Podcast

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  1. Profile photo of Michelle Silverman

    This is another great module by Leslie Palmer Ross. As a professional, full time emerging artist who is planning to work with consultants, I don’t have the time to spend hours reading the many books and online resources available. My time is better spent on creating art and managing my relationships in a professional way. I appreciate Leslie’s deep knowledge of the industry and her ability to communicate the knowledge and best practices on topics in a concise way. Thank you Leslie and Artforce for openly sharing your wisdom and knowledge. I am grateful for this program.

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