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Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 1: Module 2 – Goal Setting

Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 1: Module 2 – Goal Setting

It’s easy to go into any passionate endeavor jumping in with both feet…however, days, months, years can pass without really getting where you want to go if you don’t set goals. So there is a real value to looking at goal setting.

-Leslie Palmer-Ross

What do you wish for yourself this quarter, this year, in the next five to 10 years? In this week’s release of the Art Force Academy Artist Entrepreneur program, we explore goal setting – attainable, measurable goals to be exact. Director of Art Services, Leslie Palmer-Ross continues to share her nearly 30 years of experience in the artwork services industry to help you work through the knots in your annual and quarterly goal setting regiment.

Lesson Overview

  • Goal Setting: Definition
    • “The result or achievement towards which effort is directed”
    • Goals need to be measurable – but how?
  • Think about what you propose today, what will happen tomorrow? Or three years from now.
  • Time tables: You should set timelines to your goals
    • Subdividing your progress by quarter
    • Setting regular check-ins
  • Goal Achievement
    • Giving yourself time to celebrate
  • Number of goals
    • Setting realistic goals
    • “Less is definitely more.”
  • Art as a business – financial goals
    • Setting sales goals
  • Sales vs. Exposure
    • Are your goals monetary?
    • Perhaps, instead, your goals are based on media exposure or exposure to the wider art world
  • Documentation
    • Digital imagery, web-ready, etc.
  • Professional Development
    • Things like Art Force Academy or other courses
    • What professional opportunities await based on your goals?
    • Could you, yourself, teach a class perhaps?
  • Marketing and promotion
    • How are people going to know about your work?
    • How is it going to be promoted?
  • Are your goals better as “Don’t do” lists instead of “To do” lists?

Art Force Academy Artist Entrepreneurs

Course 1: Module 2 – Goal Setting

We also met with the folks at Tres Leches Art Gallery in Northrup King to explore their process, inspiration, and careers as artist entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy the video!

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