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Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 1: Module 1 – Business Planning

Artist Entrepreneurs: Course 1: Module 1 – Business Planning

When it comes to business planning, even experienced business people face numerous challenges. Add in the difficulty of running your own art business and actually creating your work, and business planning can seem insurmountable. This is why we chose business planning as our first course in the Artist Entrepreneur program. We want the business side of your business to be easier so you can focus on putting more of your beautiful art into the world!

Director of Art Services, Leslie Palmer-Ross, shares almost 30 years of experience in the industry in this module to unpack the complexities of the business planning process. Here is a brief preview of the content that is covered in this module:

Lesson Overview

  • What is the mission of your business?
    • We review how to articulate your vision and write your mission statement
  • Performing an honest analysis – SWOT Analysis
    • What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)?
    • Take an honest assessment and focus on the areas where you can have the highest impact with the least amount of excursion
  • Think about your business team
    • Think about any other people who make your business run
    • How can you divide your energies to work to your team’s strengths?
  • Consider the resources that you need for your creative business life to thrive and grow
    • Perhaps you need additional equipment or space?
    • This issue is explored
  • Determine your competitive advantage
    • Take a deep breath and reexamine your SWOT analysis
    • Can you now better identify something that sets you apart from other painters, sculptors, street artists or illustrators?

Art Force Academy Artist Entrepreneurs

Course 1: Module 1 – Business Planning

Additional Resources

Business Planning Template

business plan

Just For Fun

White Paper: Why 90% of Art Majors Don’t Work in their Major

This was included in this week’s art enthusiast release, but we think artist entrepreneurs can also benefit from this information. While the statistical outlook is bleak, we explored this issue as it relates to anyone who studied art in college. The white paper explores the issue of art majors not working in their field and offers some potential reasons and fixes for addressing this concern.

90 percent


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