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Artist Entrepreneurs, Welcome!

The Artist Entrepreneur Program at Art Force Academy is a place for established artists or artists who are just getting started to hone their business acumen and planning skills. You know art, and we know business. The idea is to get together and create a community designed around knowledge sharing and creating lasting relationships that open doors for new opportunities. For more information on the Artist Entrepreneur Program, please read the Artist Entrepreneur Program Syllabus.

As part of our beta program, artists may enroll at no cost.

By combining art and charity, Art Force has made a resolution to work toward uplifting the Twin Cities in a memorable way. To kick off the Community Fund, $1 will be contributed for every piece of artwork placed throughout the year. Stay tuned for community fund updates in 2016 and please read below for Community Fund highlights from past years.


Artists Learn

For most artists, creating inspiring artwork is the easy part. Art Force Academy is geared to help you sharpen your business planning skills and get your artwork seen!

For more information on the Artist Entrepreneur Program, please click below to read the full Artist Entrepreneur Program Syllabus.

Artists Create

Artists come from diverse backgrounds that guide the creative direction of their work. This program will help you hone your market and trade!

For a deeper dive into the types of opportunities available to different artists by trade and style, please visit the SmartArt Program by Art Force.

Artists Inspire

Every project Art Force works on requires beautiful art created by artists like you. We are always looking to add to our group of qualified artists.

For a look at our work, the Art Force Portfolio will give you an idea for the types of artwork that have made a lasting impact in the world of artwork services.

What are the advantages of joining an artist community?

This is a big question! The benefits of joining an artist community like Art Force Academy are vast, however, here are just a few benefits to mull over:

–  Networking Opportunities: By definition, communities are designed to uplift the entire community, one member at a time
Exposure: With 500 projects, 150 clients and 30,000 pieces of artwork placed, Art Force helps thousands of artists like you be seen
Business Planning: Our business planning solutions can save you precious time that could be better used honing your trade
Experience: If you are new to selling your artwork, Art Force has decades of combined experience to accelerate your learning
Consultative Selling: We can help hone your selling skills through our own experience and best practices

What art forms fit the program?

The artists we work with at Art Force come from a wide variety of backgrounds, mostly within the realm of visual arts.

Artists with backgrounds in paint, sculpture, ceramics, glass, metal, mixed-media, mural art, abstract art, modern art, contemporary art, and many other art forms not listed here are common for our community. Even if your art form is not listed here, we would love for you to join our community and help broaden our offerings.

I'm a well-established artist. Why should I join Art Force Academy?

If you are a well-established artist, Art Force Academy can add exposure to your work and potentially, help you get your artwork placed in one of our hundreds of high-profile project locations.

Depending on your experience level, we might even be interested in bringing your work into the curriculum to help other artists learn from your success. If you are interested in being involved in the program at an instructor level, that is also something we are happy to discuss.

I'm an amateur artist. Is Art Force Academy right for me?

No matter your skill level, Art Force will work with you to assess your full potential in the world of artwork services. Throughout your time at Art Force Academy, we will work with artists of all skill levels and depths of experience to uncover hidden potential.

While we cannot guarantee your artwork will sell or be added to our artwork database, we are happy to help guide and connect aspiring artists with the resources they need to bring their skills to the next level.

Will Art Force Academy help me sell my artwork?

As a learning community, Art Force Academy is not designed as a sales platform. It will help us start a conversation about considering your artwork for inclusion in our database.

For more information on how to come directly to Art Force with a sales proposal, please visit

Can artists also become art consultants?

Of course! As we mentioned on the Art Consultant FAQs, people like Steve Brumbaugh work as artists and art consultants. The two disciplines serve to compliment each other!

Purchase with Purpose

The truest aim of Art Force Academy is to create a stronger creative economy. The Art Force Community Fund and Art Force MSP provide opportunities for strengthening the creative economy through charitable donations and empowering artist entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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