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Support Local Artists. Drive the Creative Economy.

Purchase with Purpose


We work with our community to ignite the creative economy and uplift artists and charitable organizations.

The Twin Cities ranks sixth nationally on the creative vitality index and the creative sector pumps an average $700 million into the economy in a single year. Learn how we're helping ignite the Twin Cities creative economy!

Art Force Academy offers no-cost education for artists. If you purchase artwork through our showcase, a portion of your sale goes directly into the Art Force Community Fund and pays an artist entrepreneur. See the showcase!

The Wings Suite by Art Force is a curated collection of artwork from artists experiencing health challenges. The artwork is often placed in healing spaces and proceeds directly benefit the artists. Read more!

A portion of each artwork sale goes directly into the Art Force Community Fund. With over $100,000 in proceeds generated so far, Art Force MSP seeks to grow the Community Fund with clients like you. Learn more!

Purchase with Purpose: How Art Force MSP Works!

Become a Client Partner

Do you have a building under construction that needs art? How about an existing art collection that you need managed? Big or small, each project helps drive Art Force MSP forward. Please submit any project details below to support your local economy and become an Art Force MSP Client Partner today!


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