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Art Consultants, Welcome!

The Art Consultant Certification Program at Art Force Academy can open new doors.  For more information on course and curriculum specifics, please read the Art Consultant Certification Program Syllabus.

We are asking for a bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) as a minimum requirement for enrollment this program. Prior to enrollment, members will also need to complete a brief proficiency examine so we can assess whether the program is a good fit for you personality. Throughout our inaugural year in 2016, your feedback will be critical to making Art Force Academy the innovative learning center we know it can be.

PLEASE READ: We are no longer accepting new enrollees in the Art Force Academy Art Consultant Certification Program for the remainder of 2016. You can still review the materials with an Art Force Academy login. However, Art Force staff will not be scoring any tests until revisiting the program materials in 2017. For more information, please email We thank you for your interest.


Art Enthusiasts Inspire

When someone becomes a certified art consultant, new doors of possibility open. Their ability to impact and inspire grows enormously!

For more information on Art Consulting and what it exactly entails, please click below to read the full Art Consultant Certification Program Syllabus.

Art Consultants Create

When you enter our art consultant certification program, you are taking the first step into a new and exciting future. The program will teach you everything you need to know to succeed in the industry.

For a closer look at the daily life of an art consultant and the types of things they consider on a given job, please see the Art Consultant Career Guide.

Art Enthusiasts Learn

An art consultant helps create physical spaces that uplift and inspire. The work of an art consultant helps shape brand alignment, uplift spirits, motivate employees and attract new customers.

Art consultants are visual storytellers, driving creative change. For more information on art consulting, please click the article link below to read, Art Consultants: The Full Gamut.

What is an art consultant?

The Art Force definition for an art consultant is an expert who matches a person, business, or mission statement with a piece of art; a professional storyteller.

Art consultants will work with clients across numerous industries including healthcare, education and enterprise level corporations to source, procure and place artwork solutions that uplift physical spaces. Art consultants help create brand alignment between the products, services, mission, beliefs, and physical spaces of the clients they serve.

How long will Art Consultant Certfication take to complete?

The Art Consultant Certification Program is designed to work with any schedule. On average, we anticipate the program will take two years to complete.

However, the pace of learning will be determined by each member, so program completion will vary. We will be happy to help tailor a schedule that works with your career goals and obligations.

What are the minimum qualifcations to enroll?

For the Art Consultant Certification Program, we require a college degree – BA or BS – in the world of artwork. We also require completion of a brief proficiency exam prior to enrollment to make sure your skills and interests match with the industry.

Through our years of operation, we have learned that certain personalities and characteristics mesh best with the Art Consultant path. The following criteria represent just a few of the traits that are most compatible with this career path:

– People who are comfortable with and willing to perform sales functions
– People with an outgoing and sociable demeanor
– People with strong project management skills
– People who define themselves as “self-starters”
– People with a strong understanding of artwork

Once I'm certified, what's next?

Art Force Academy is designed to grow the Art Force network. We want to grow our family of art enthusiasts, and Art Consultants are a critical piece to the puzzle.

Once you are certified, you will have access to the following resources:

Production: Access to our state of the art production facility
Networks: Access to our professional memberships within design, architectural and art communities
Marketing: Access to our marketing materials and promotional capabilities
– Much more…

Why choose Art Force?

Upon completion of the Art Consultant Certification Program, you will have many options including working with Art Force or starting your own practice.

Our goal is to add you to our network! We believe this is in your best interest when you consider the following value-adds Art Force can offer:

Turnkey Startup: We have the facilities, equipment and networks that make your efforts scalable
Sales Leads: We can share sales leads to streamline your prospecting
Artwork Database: Our artwork database includes thousands of images making artwork procurement extremely easy
Marketing Capabilities: Our marketing department can help promote your work, saving valuable time and money
Brand Loyalty: Art Force is the trusted premier provider of artwork services

Can an artist be an art consultant?

Of course you can! For example, Steve Brumbaugh is an artist and art consultant. If anything, it’s a major advantage to be able to wear both hats.

Purchase with Purpose

The truest aim of Art Force Academy is to create a stronger creative economy. The Art Force Community Fund and Art Force MSP provide opportunities for strengthening the creative economy through charitable donations and empowering artist entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

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