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Art Consultant Certification: Module 5 – Gaining Commitments

Art Consultant Certification – Module 5: Gaining Commitments

This week we come full circle on the “5 Breakthrough Selling Skills” portion of the Art Force Academy Art Consultant Certification Program. Director of Business Development, Bobby Crumpton, walks us through the process of gaining commitments.

As usual, we have provided the PDF, slider and Podcast for whatever format you prefer.

Important Announcement

Once you’ve reviewed all of the materials from the “5 Breakthrough Selling Skills”, the Unit Quiz is NOW available. As we mentioned in the last release, we will be reaching out to you individually to provide more information and get to know you a little better. Please stay tuned for an email from our director of marketing, Marlon Heimerl.

This Week’s Art Consultant Certification Topic

Topics discussed in this week’s release on “Aligning a Solution to a Need” include:

  • A Series of Small Commitments (Milestones & Commitment Objectives)
  • Buying Signals
  • Why 62% of Salespeople Fail to Ask for Commitment
  • Asking for Commitment by Reiterating:
    • “why the decision is critical”
    • the prospect’s highest resonating need
    • the value of your offering aligned to that need
    • their cost of inaction
    • and prompting the prospect to action with a close question
  • Handling Objections
  • Six Most Common Reasons Prospects Object
  • Assessing Objections vs. Stalls
  • Negotiating to a Mutually Acceptable Conclusion
  • Confirming the Sale
  • Closing Thoughts

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Gaining Commitments

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Gaining Commitments

Gaining Commitment

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