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Art Consultant Certification: Module 4 – Aligning a Solution to a Need

Art Consultant Certification – Module 4: Aligning a Solution to a Need

In this week’s release for the Art Force Academy Art Consultant Certification Program from the “5 Breakthrough Selling Skills,” Director of Business Development Bobby Crumpton touches on the importance of aligning a solution to a need.

Following the new format of these Podcasts, please feel free to listen and click along with this slider provided below. Or if you prefer to simply read the material, please download the most recent module PDF below.

Important Announcement

In two weeks, Module 5 will conclude the “5 Breakthrough Selling Skills” portion of the Art Consultant Certification program. Once that module is complete, the Unit Quiz will be available for those who have passed the initial exam to enter the program. We will be reaching out to you individually to provide more information and get to know you a little better. Until then, we hope you find Module 4 informative and useful!

This Week’s Art Consultant Certification Topic

Topics discussed in this week’s release on “Aligning a Solution to a Need” include:

  • Aligning a Solution to a need
    • Presentation of your company
    • Alignment of the value of your solution with your customer’s need
    • Quality of your delivery
  • Identifying Decision Makers – types of decision makers:
    • The Advocate
    • The End User
    • The Influencer
    • The Technical Decision Maker (TDM)
    • The Financial Decision Maker (FDM)
    • The Ultimate Decision Maker (UDM)
  • The Ultimate Decision Maker: Getting to “Yes”
    • The Decision Process
  • Identifying Decision Makers (Exercise)
  • Presentation of Your Company
    • Are you credible?
    • What makes you “unique”?
    • Are you a “good fit” for them?
  • Your Company Story (Exercise)
  • Presenting Your Solution
    • Step 1: Identifying the highest resonating “uncovered need”
    • Step 2: Select which product “feature” will address that uncovered need best
    • Step 3: Determine what “value” the feature will bring to the uncovered need
  • Align Value to Need (Exercise)
  • Reaction Questions
    • Incentive Reaction Question, vs.
    • Consequence Reaction Question
  • Communicating the Value
  • Cost of Inaction
  • The Quality of Your Delivery
  • Common Selling Errors
  • Great Tips for Max Success With Presentations

The Art Force Podcast

You can listen to the Podcast here:

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Aligning A Solution to a Need
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Download the Module 4 PDF

Aligning A Solution to a Need

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