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Art Consultant Certification- Course 3, Module 1: Situational Leadership

Art Consultant Certification- Course 3, Module 1: Situational Leadership

This week, we cover a topic that is important to any art consultant – leadership! Yes, as an art consultant you are a natural born leader. We see it every day at Art Force and strongly believe that honing your leadership skills will directly impact your strength as an art consultant.

The course you are about to embark upon is one that everyone here at Art Force completes: The Situational Leadership Model. Of course, leadership can take many forms but primarily falls into two buckets – leadership and management. From there, we can of course break leadership down further to include project management, people management, account management, and so forth. This course, however, is centered on principles, definitions and useful tools for gauging the “readiness” of individuals to determine the best leadership style to embrace.

Situational Leadership

This course begins by drawing contrast between leadership and management. As said by both Peter Drucker and Warren Bennis, “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” As the course will demonstrate, both leadership and management are critical to organizational success. Moreover, leaders can be managers and vice versa.

The key is to get both leaders and managers “singing from the same sheet of music” to achieve optimal organizational efficiency and success. That is precisely the aim of this course. To get you thinking about the different ways you can directly align your strengths as a leader with the mission and values of Art Force.

Mission and Values

As you complete the course, please keep both our mission and values in mind. They are our True North and will help guide you through situations you encounter in the field.

The Art Force Mission: To Be the Premier Provider of Artwork Services.

Art Force Values:

  1. Our Clients: Providing exceptional service in accordance with our Client Service Policy.

  2. Growth: Our growth mindset is the vehicle to achieve our mission and expand our organizational reach.

  3. Financial Responsibility: Operating with transparency and accountability.

  4. Professionalism: Continually expanding our expertise and perfecting our craft. Also, working with integrity and aligning our actions with our brand.

  5. Teamwork: An attitude of collaboration and win/win solutions.

Situational Leadership


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