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Art Consultant Certification – Course 2, Module 2: Key Initiative Development System (KIDS)

Art Consultant Certification – Course 2, Module 2: Key Initiative Development System (KIDS)

In the second course of module two for the Art Consultant Certification Program, Art Force President and CEO Bill Kieger shares his Goal Development & Action Planning system which utilizes the Key Initiative Development System (KIDS). This is where learning becomes doing in the Art Consultant Certification Program; where all of the skills you’ve amassed culminate into a cohesive business plan.


At Art Force, we believe in knowing the value of your time. As you’ve likely heard at one time or another, the likelihood of successfully reaching a goal increases markedly when the goals are simply written down. Moreover, taking a closer look at your goals helps you develop a growth mindset: where one believes they can improve with careful practice, planning and sound execution.

Simply put, time is the ultimate resource. While it’s easy to come up with tasks to fill up the day, what impact are those tasks making on your business and life? As you will find, this document will help you organize  your thoughts and prioritize tasks based on their impact. In this exercise, you will ultimately prioritize to meet the values, mission and outcomes you set for yourself.

The document below is a fillable PDF. If you open and save a copy, you will find fillable text entry fields to enter your business plan information.


Lesson Overview

  • Prioritize Your Values
    • Values-based goal setting anchors your aspirations in meaningful thought
    • If you are true to your core values, results will far exceed business growth and have the potential to improve your overall quality of life; a sense of real achievement
  • What’s Your Mission?
    • At Art Force, our mission is to be the premier provider of artwork services
    • For individuals, mission statements can be driven by monetary, humanitarian, aesthetic or personal-growth goals – what drives you?
  • Goals: What Outcomes do you Want to Achieve?
    • “Beginning with the end in mind” is a concept from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
    • Everyone at Art Force reads this book for it’s many valuable insights, including goal setting by beginning with the “end in mind”
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
    • What are your personal strengths and/or the strengths of the market?
    • What weaknesses or threats must you overcome to achieve your goals?
    • What are your greatest opportunities?
  • Goals & Initiatives
    • On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, what are your highest impact goals?
    • What is the time frame to complete those goals and what resources will you need?
  • Prioritizing Your Initiatives
    • Thinking in terms of impact (x) and ease of implementation (y), what will have the biggest impact with the easiest implementation?
    • If you work from tier 1 to tier 4 initiatives, you can be sure your energy is being expended most wisely
  • Progress Measures
    • The time to track your progress on a monthly or quarterly basis has arrived!

Once you have completed your KIDS document, please email it back to and we will set up a meeting or call to go over your thoughts and findings.


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