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Aleta wynn Yarrow

"Painting transition in landscape is a metaphor for the possibility of swift and positive change. Through art, I define myself as human, not as one who suffers. Art is hope."

- Aleta Wynn Yarrow, Still Life Artist

Sarah E. McHugh

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Yarrow’s work is landscape as a metaphor for the inner life. It exists in the shadowland between technique and vision; emotion and intellect; the physical realm and the spiritual one. She is drawn to transition in nature: shifts in season, light and the sky. Painting transition represents the possibility of swift and positive change.
Twilight and dawn, changes in seasons, and shifting colors in the sky all speak to the human spirit. Night presents an alternate reality, one that relies on powers of memory, insight and imagination. Night holds mystery and beckons to intimacy. Autumn represents preparation for hardship, emotional release, and the acknowledgement that beauty is brief. Clouds are ephemeral, yet yield tremendous power. To meet the sky one is forced to look up: a deeply hopeful act. I reach to express a reality beyond the visual. Looking at my work, you are invited to imagine and remember with all senses. You see not only a vision of place, but sense being there, fully experiencing wonder.
Her work has personal roots. She learned first-hand of life’s fragility, which makes it so uncertain and so precious. After a neurological emergency, she had to begin drawing from scratch, re-learning the use of both hand and perceptual sense. Overcoming this crisis brought her work to new maturity and a renewed commitment to art for public good. Yarrow is the artist-in-residence of The Rockwell Museum, an affiliate of Smithsonian Institution. Her work has been exhibited in national and international exhibits, including Re-Presenting Representation, Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY and Night Visions, Coconino Cultural Center, Flagstaff, AZ. Yarrow’s work is in the collections of Penn State Milton Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA and Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, PA. She is a recipient of a Pennsylvania Council on the Arts individual creative arts fellowship.

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Sarah E. McHugh - Fall Trees

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