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Formed in 2009, Corporate Art Force (dba Art Force) is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Finance and Development Inc. Art Force is the premier provider of artwork services, with more than 500 completed projects placing 30,000 pieces of artwork for more than 150 clients in 42 states and Canada.

Located in the epicenter of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, we work with organizations to achieve their objectives through artwork and visual solutions.

Art Force Academy supports a community of learning, onsite training, and knowledge sharing. Art consultants, artists and art enthusiasts can come together in a collaborative space that provides a resource library, webinars, research, lectures and much more.

Art Consultants

Art consultants gather the perspective of designers, facility managers, architects or branding strategists to create visual solutions quickly and within your budget.

An art consultant can help uplift your mission with artwork that engages and inspires. If you think you have the tools and traits it takes to become an Art Consultant, learn more on our “For Art Consultants” page or simply Sign Up and Art Force will contact you.

Artist Entrepreneurs

Art Force is proud to help artists share their gifts with the world! The more diverse our community, the better. If you are an artist looking to accelerate your business, we welcome you!

Artists come from all walks of life and work with a wide array of substrates and subject matter. No matter your specific trade or talent, we hope you will join our community. Learn more on our “For Artists” page or simply Sign Up and an Art Force will contact you.

Art Enthusiasts

An art enthusiasts is the interested passerby. We hope you will become our evangelists, helping the art services industry grow. When your passion meets ours, magic happens!

Maybe you are an art aficionado? Perhaps people compliment your keen eye for detail? If you answered yes to either of these questions, we hope you will join our community. Visit the “For Art Enthusiasts” page or simply Sign Up and Art Force will contact you.

Art & Transformation

We believe artwork is an asset that provides an intrinsic return on investment (ROI). When artwork is properly selected, framed and installed it has the ability to provide numerous benefits in addition to decoration. The environment of your organization is a reflection of who you are and what you value; painting a picture of your mission through art not only enriches the brand experience, but also drives prolonged brand trust and loyalty.

In fact, in a market survey of 800 employees at 32 companies, we found an astounding 94% of respondents agree artwork enhances the work environment. Another 84% of employees believe artwork shows an employer values improving the quality of life for its staff. An additional 73% of employees reported wanting more art in the workplace.

In short, art inspires and motivates employees, leading to increased employee and customer retention.

Markets Served

Combining decades of expertise, our team of art consultants, advisers and production professionals provide artwork solutions for organizations of all sizes. We help businesses unlock their full potential through visual storytelling by utilizing the healing, motivational and aesthetic power of artwork.

We are hoping to align our products and services with new people and places, so we’ve created Art Force Academy as a learning community dedicated to improving the world one piece of artwork at a time.


Artwork can provide comfort to those in a healing space. Our clients point out many benefits of art in healthcare facilities, where evidenced-based design and quality patient care uplift spirits.

When viewing the healing process from the patient’s and family’s point-of-view, it is easy to see why this approach makes sense. Our Still Life collection is a great example.

Art can inspire a patient while they go through their journey of healing.


Our extensive art collection is sourced from local artists to help build a mutually beneficial community for both artists and businesses. Corporate art has the ability to transform a work space into an outward reflection of an organizations unique brand.

In addition to decorating an environment, it creates an atmosphere that promotes productivity, innovation and creative thinking.

In addition to large corporations, Art Force also serves small and medium size organizations.


A large amount of research points to the importance of artwork in educational institutions. Art has the unique ability to lead by example.

As is the case with other creative projects, art can drive discussion, add creative dimension and inspire new and innovative ways of thinking.

The ability to facilitate creative discussion both in and out of the classroom is unique, and artwork can be the spark that ignites conversation between students and teachers alike.

Art Force Academy FAQs

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Art Force Academy. As we continue shaping our learning community, we will add to this section based on feedback from people like you! For more information on the program beyond what is provided here, please visit our About page or contact us.

Is Art Force Academy right for me?

Art Force Academy is a learning environment for anyone seeking knowledge in the world of artwork services or artwork sales in general. It’s a learning community geared toward three paths:

– Art Consultants (10 modules)
– Artists (5 modules)
– Art Enthusiasts (ongoing, passive interaction)

How long will each Art Force Academy pathway take to complete?

The art consultant certification program includes 10 modules that you can complete at your own pace. The estimate number of hours to complete the coursework and final exams is approximately 200-300 hours. For more information, please visit the “For Art Consultants” page.

The artist affiliate program includes 5 modules that you can complete at your own pace. The estimated number of hours to complete the coursework and final exams is approximately 50-100 hours. For more information, please visit the “For Artists” page.

The Art Force Academy Enthusiast learning community is ongoing and always being perfected. This program is purely in the spirit of knowledge sharing and collaboration. This program is purely in the spirit of knowledge sharing. For more information, please visit the “For Art Enthusiasts” page.

What are the minimum requirements to enroll?

For the art consultant certification program, we require a college degree – BA or BS. We don’t want to narrow the focus too much, so any related experience will be carefully considered during the application process.

To participate in the artist track, you simply need 2-5 years of experience in the world of art to participate.

There are no minimum qualifications to participate in our art enthusiast program. All we ask is you have a passion for art!

Is Art Force Academy an accreditation program?

We want to be upfront. Art Force Academy is a certification program and does not offer accreditation at this time. Certification will give you the full support and promotion of Art Force, a leader in the world of premier artwork services.

The first of its kind, we hope Art Force Academy will become a certification authority in the world of artwork services.

What's in it for me?

Each pathway will provide you with new opportunities.

Upon enrollment and the completion of the applicable modules of the art consultant certification program, you will have access to every resource available to Art Force Art Consultant Staff. That includes:

– Distribution rights to all our standard products and services
– Credentials to utilize our marketing resources and systems
– Technology support
– Creative project support
– Art Consultant online access to project tools and client account management
– Utilization of our creative specialist staff
– Ongoing new product launches
– Compensation incentives
– Ongoing continuing education and training

The Artist Entrepreneur pathway is really geared toward business acumen and planning; learning effective ways to sell your artwork. You know art, we know business – let’s get together! Some of the benefits you will enjoy upon completion of the program will include:

– Database access: Your artwork will be added to our database
– Sales distribution channel: Art Force Art Consultants will consider your  artwork for placement in commercial facilities
– Business planning resources

The art enthusiast community is all about the passion for art and creativity. This pathway will provide regular updates from Art Force Academy on what is happening in the world of art. As an end-user, you will have access to discounts and perks as well!

I work full-time. Will Art Force Academy work with my schedule?

Art Force Academy is designed as an online learning community. Most lectures, presentations, white papers and other resources will be per-recorded or available for download when you are ready.

We can work with you to build a schedule that fits your needs. It just has to work into the education modules we’ve created for art consultants and artists.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments, please email or call 763-567-2270.

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To apply for the Art Consultant or Art Entrepreneur Programs or to sign up for the Art Enthusiast Program, click here!


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