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Art Force Academy is a creative community designed to help ignite the creative economy through artist empowerment, no-cost education, and more.
Come here for resources, articles, learning modules, podcasts, artist interviews, art news and more. We also welcome you to join our weekly art enthusiast newsletter to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from the world of art.

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Art Force Academy

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Through the creation of our three programs, we've built up a growing library of artwork resources. Check back every week for new additions - our library is always growing!

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Art Force Academy FAQs

Below you will find frequently asked questions about Art Force Academy. As we continue shaping our learning community, we will add to this section based on feedback from people like you! For more information on the program beyond what is provided here, please visit our About page or contact us.

Is Art Force Academy right for me?

Art Force Academy is a learning environment for anyone seeking knowledge in the world of artwork services or artwork sales in general. It’s a learning community geared toward three paths:

– Art Consultants (10 modules)
– Artists (5 modules)
– Art Enthusiasts (ongoing, passive interaction)

How long will each Art Force Academy pathway take to complete?

The art consultant certification program includes 11 courses (approximately 50 modules) that you can complete at your own pace. The estimated number of hours to complete the coursework and final exams is approximately 200-300 hours. Highly qualified candidates can begin sales training with Art Force prior to course completion following a career conference. For more information, please visit the “For Art Consultants” page.

The artist entrepreneur program includes 3 courses (12 modules) that you can complete at your own pace. The estimated number of hours to complete the coursework is approximately 50-100 hours. For more information, please visit the “For Artists” page.

The Art Force Academy Enthusiast learning community is ongoing and always being perfected. This program is purely in the spirit of knowledge sharing and collaboration. For more information, please visit the “For Art Enthusiasts” page.

What are the minimum requirements to enroll?

For the art consultant certification program, we require a college degree – BA or BS. We don’t want to narrow the focus too much, so any related experience will be carefully considered during the application process.

To participate in the artist track, you simply need 2-5 years of experience in the world of art to participate.

There are no minimum qualifications to participate in our art enthusiast program. All we ask is you have a passion for art!

Is Art Force Academy an accreditation program?

We want to be upfront. Art Force Academy is a certification program and does not offer accreditation at this time. Certification will give you the full support and promotion of Art Force, a leader in the world of premier artwork services.

The first of its kind, we hope Art Force Academy will become a certification authority in the world of artwork services.

What's in it for me?

Each pathway will provide you with new opportunities.

Upon enrollment and the completion of the applicable modules of the art consultant certification program, you will have access to every resource available to Art Force Art Consultant Staff. That includes:

– Distribution rights to all our standard products and services
– Credentials to utilize our marketing resources and systems
– Technology support
– Creative project support
– Art Consultant online access to project tools and client account management
– Utilization of our creative specialist staff
– Ongoing new product launches
– Compensation incentives
– Ongoing continuing education and training

The Artist Entrepreneur pathway is really geared toward business acumen and planning; learning effective ways to sell your artwork. You know art, we know business – let’s get together! Some of the benefits you will enjoy upon completion of the program will include:

– Database access: Your artwork will be added to our database
– Sales distribution channel: Art Force Art Consultants will consider your  artwork for placement in commercial facilities
– Business planning resources

The art enthusiast community is all about the passion for art and creativity. This pathway will provide regular updates from Art Force Academy on what is happening in the world of art. As an end-user, you will have access to discounts and perks as well!

I work full-time. Will Art Force Academy work with my schedule?

Art Force Academy is designed as an online learning community. Most lectures, presentations, white papers and other resources will be per-recorded or available for download when you are ready.

We can work with you to build a schedule that fits your needs. It just has to work into the education modules we’ve created for art consultants and artists.

Purchase with Purpose

The truest aim of Art Force Academy is to create a stronger creative economy. The Art Force Community Fund and Art Force MSP provide opportunities for strengthening the creative economy through charitable donations and empowering artist entrepreneurs from all walks of life.
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